Rush + Expedited Shipping Options

$6.00 - $22.00

Please email us to confirm if your request is possible before choosing any of these options!

- Next-Day Rush Processing Fee - [$8.00]. Instead of taking a full week to be made, this extra fee will allow your selected item to be made the next day (please email first!). However, this option only rushes the time it takes for your item to be made, but does not include rush shipping. If the expedited next-day shipping option from below is not selected and only this rush processing fee is, then your item will be sent using regular USPS First Class Mail, meaning it will take 2-3 business days to arrive depending on your location.

- Next-Day Expedited Shipping Fee - [$14.00]. This option allows your item to be sent next-day using USPS Priority Express Mail, meaning it will arrive in 1 business day. Please note: next day shipping is usually around $20-23, so this $14.00 will be added ontop of the regular shipping price you'll see at checkout.

- BOTH Rush Processing + Expedited Shipping Fee - [$22.00]. This option allows your item to be rush made the next day, and will also be sent out with the USPS Priority Shipping Mail. The regular shipping rate you'll see at checkout will be included on top of this fee.