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For her, for them, for you - G.IRL Co Vintage is the love child of Ann Wynn and her passion for vintage designer wear.

As a long time collector of vintage items herself, Ann extends this passion to girls like her who appreciate timeless one-of-a-kind pieces. Curated with love, each drop is carefully selected to not only pay homage to iconic designs, but also to reminisce on some of the best eras of fashion.

Shoes carry so much sentiment - a pair of Jimmy Choos that might've been one girl’s wedding shoe in the 90’s could now be the shoe of choice for another girls' big interview. While one girl wore Miu Miu wedges to a pool party, another girl can frolic in them on her first date in the French Riviera.

G.IRL Co Vintage is meant to walk girls through whatever path life paves for them, in the perfect pair.