Recycling Program

Because we care about the environment and are transitioning into becoming a more sustainable and environmental-friendly brand, we encourage our customers to partake in recycling our product packaging with us!

- For every 5 empty containers you have, return it to us to be reused for your next order and you'll receive 10% off! This is applicable for any of our packaging, as long as it still has it's corresponding top/cap, and is in good, re-usable condition (only containers such as jars or bottles are accepted, not the packaging it was shipped in).

- IMPORTANT: In order for the discount code to work (and to make the most usage out of your recycled items), it is required to have a minimum of 3 items in your new order. Of course, this code will work for a larger amount of items as well, 3 is just the minimum! The code is only valid one time per return. If you decide to recycle your items with us again the next time, you'll receive a new discount code. 

- If you'd like to participate in our recycling program, please email us at [email protected] and we will provide you with a return address and personalized discount code. Please note that we will not be providing postage for these returns.