Buff Daddy


I spy with my little eye.... a teeny tiny ingrown hair 🧐Don’t fret, we’ve got you covered! Say hello to our new exfoliating scrub and byeeee to those pesky little ingrown hairs. Infused with clove, lavender, and tea tree oil, Buff Daddy is made with both cane sugar for a gentle touch + granulated sugar for that extra grittiness to buff out those ingrown hairs and bumps. Made in our signature pink hue, this scrub has a little something extra: crushed rose petals! Rose petals contain natural oils and sugars that will lock moisture into dry skin cells, and keep your skin glowing! Added bonus: it’ll also help fade old scars - we know how tempting picking at an ingrown hair can be. Use this scrub all over your body just to keep your skin nice and soft orrrr focus on areas you're more prone to ingrowns like your legs, armpits, and more importantly.... down there. Just grab a dollop into your fingertips and buff away! At G.IRL Co, we do 100% handmade products using all natural ingredients.

*Product is currently available for pre-order only! Please allow one week for your item to be made. Please view our policies for more details.*

- DISCLAIMER: Product not made for consumption (though you'll be tempted!), so don't eat it please. Safe for sensitive skin; this scrub can be used for both the body and face. Since it is made with coconut oil, this scrub may harden in colder climates and soften in warmer climates.

- STORAGE: Always make sure to tighten the cap back as firmly as possible. Keep product airtight, and do not allow water to enter the container. This will cause the product to become rancid/moldy quicker. We recommend that you use your scrub within 12 months.

- INGREDIENTS: Pure cane sugar, granulated sugar, coconut oil, dried rose petals, vitamin E, tea tree oil, clove oil and lavender oil. Vegan, cruelty-free, not tested on animals and contains no sulfate, parabens or gluten.